This is our story

We are a NYC cannabis lifestyle company that merges art, hospitality, music and events. Our purpose is to bring together communities from diverse backgrounds to shift the paradigm of cannabis culture through unique and innovative experiences.

Est. 2017


Latino Owned

We do it for the culture.


We inspire the world to choose happy through unforgettable experiences that empower communities and pioneer a cultural revolution.

About Happy Munkey

From the streets of Uptown Manhattan, Happy Munkey emerged not just as a lifestyle brand, but a force revolutionizing the perception of cannabis culture. Founded by Ramon Reyes and Vladimir Bautista, the brand quickly became synonymous with legendary events that celebrate cannabis in unique, transformative ways, blending it seamlessly with art, advocacy, and community.

Through various media outlets, including the Happy Munkey Podcast, Munkey Magazine, and Happy Munkey TV, we’ve consistently worked to normalize and celebrate cannabis culture. Our commitment extends to advocacy, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring communities once marginalized by the War On Drugs can now benefit from its legalization.

As we move forward, 2024 stands as a milestone year, with the launch of retail locations in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, embodying our mission and vision. But our core remains unchanged: we’re here to foster a community, redefine boundaries, and ensure that choosing happy is a legacy that continues for generations.

Join the Happy Munkey movement. The revolution is just beginning.

Meet Our Team

Vladimir Bautista

Vladimir Bautista, CEO and co-founder of Happy Munkey, is an internationally recognized figure in the cannabis industry, leveraging his unique connections and extensive experience in music, hospitality, and event production. As a CAURD license holder, Vlad is spearheading Happy Munkey's retail expansion, with a new location set to open in Manhattan. Noted for his compelling talks at numerous cannabis conferences, Vlad emphasizes the need for unity between the legacy and legal cannabis industries. Guiding Happy Munkey, he curates VIP events that unite diverse stakeholders, setting the standard for social cannabis consumption in New York. Vlad, awarded a Silver Clio for the "Happy Munkey After Hours" event, is also a committed community educator, recently co-organizing the "Choose Happy Symposium" with Columbia University to champion underrepresented communities in Harlem and Washington Heights.

Ramon Reyes

Ramon Reyes, co-founder and CCO of The Happy Munkey, is a native New Yorker of Dominican descent, who transformed his cannabis "hustle" into a globally recognized lifestyle brand alongside his high school friend Vlad Bautista. In addition to being a CAURD license holder, Ramon is set to launch Happy Munkey's first retail location in Brooklyn, expanding the brand's physical footprint. As the brand's CCO, Ramon ensures the continuity of the company's unique vibe, managing its licensing, merchandising, and digital presence. The brand made significant strides in 2021, gaining mainstream recognition, hosting New York's first legal pot party, and solidifying its status as a leader in the city's cannabis culture scene.

Vanessa Perez

Vanessa Perez is a first-generation Latina who is a cannabis advocate, mother and a professional leader among the New York cannabis community. Vanessa is the Director of HR & Operations at Happy Munkey, one of New York’s leading Latino cannabis brands and Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licensee holders. Vanessa has over 15 years of experience as a human resources and operations professional. She takes a people-first approach to HR, working with organizational leadership to understand desired outcomes and makes strategic recommendations to support strong employee engagement, while improving business practices. Vanessa is a leader who motivates her team through learning and works actively to leverage a diversity, equity and inclusion lens in her work.

David Hernandez

David Hernandez

NYC native David began his cannabis journey in 2017 in Washington DC’s Initiative-71 gifting market. He is a licensed caregiver, medical patient, and cannabis advocate. With experience in 32 legal cannabis states, he is a founding member and serves as the director of brand development for Happy Munkey, helping establish it as the East Coast’s premier cannabis lifestyle brand. Additionally, David founded Tai Ku Labs, advocating for digital art, photography, NFTs, and Web3.


John Ibonnet

John Ibonnet, the Co-Founder and Head of Procurement at Happy Munkey, is a born and raised New Yorker from the Bronx. Jay has over three decades of experience working in the legacy and legal cannabis industry. He even held one of the first licenses in Humboldt County, California, where he operated and managed an outdoor farm. In addition to his work in cannabis, Jay is also heavily involved in the music industry in New York City, which led to the development of Happy Munkey’s first nightlife cannabis experience. Jay understands the cultural overlap between cannabis and music and founded Fight Klub, a MTV battle rap establishment, where Happy Munkey established the blueprint for cannabis hospitality in NYC. At Fight Klub, John managed various artists including being signed to Zion, De La Ghetto, Archangel, Mike Towers & Messiah.


Omar Ibonnet

Omar Ibonnet, the Head of Finance at Happy Munkey, is a born and raised New Yorker from the Bronx. Omar leads Happy Munkey’s retail management and approves the brand’s spending and budget plans. Omar has over three decades of experience working in the legacy cannabis industry, his roots tracing back to the 90s where he procured cannabis seeds from various regions such as Jamaica and the West Coast bringing them to the East Coast for the first time. In addition to his work in cannabis, Omar was a partner to his brother’s music venture, Fight Klub in New York City, which led to the development of Happy Munkey’s first cannabis lounge experience. At Fight Klub, Omar managed logistics, organization, and the curation of product selection.